Sony and Fujitsu to Combat Fake Japanese Proficiency Documents with New Blockchain Platform

Thanks to the unique features of blockchain technology, Sony is ready to combat the spread of fake Japanese language proficiency documents in Japan. This measure is indeed called for due to the notorious use of fake documents by foreign students who look to study in Japan.

For those who do not know, foreign students who intend to study in Japan are required to take a Japanese language proficiency course in their home country. To certify that they actually took the course, foreign students are asked to submit a Japanese language proficiency document that clearly states that they took the course and are better adapted to Japanese.

These certificates are supposedly issued by the Japanese language educational institutions outside of Japan. Upon completion, Japanese language schools in Japan are saddled with the responsibility of submitting these documents to the Immigration Bureau. The essence of this routine is to ensure that foreigners looking to reside in Japan are better adapted to living in the country. However, that goal is defeated when foreign students submit fake documents just to get their resident status to school in Japan.

And that is the case with many documents being submitted by foreign students. The notorious act has become alarming, and hence the need for a system to check the authenticity of documents submitted by foreign students. Sony Corp., in collaboration with Fujitsu Ltd., took up the task and built a blockchain-enabled system to fight the fake document menace.

The encrypted database is proposed to check submitted Japanese language proficiency documents against existing information on the blocks. This way it is able to screen out fake documents.

Through this mechanism, data of foreigners who complete the online Japanese courses in their home country are stored in the system including the duration and certificates issued. Consequently, Japanese language schools can now compare certificates submitted during application with those on the blockchain. This will help them pick out certificates that do not match and people whose info are not on the blockchain.

Although this new verification system will come in full swing by April, Sony is set to put it to test as soon as possible. The test is proposed to run from the end of February to the end of March. The test will be conducted at Human Academy Co. in charge of Japanese language schools in Tokyo, Saga, and Osaka before being dispatched to other Japanese language schools in April.

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