‘Stateless’ Crypto-Anarchist on the Run Gunned Down in Mexico

John Galton, a crypto-anarchist and a self-proclaimed ‘stateless’ man who had been on the run, was reportedly shot dead by members of a drug cartel in Acapulco, Mexico.

Galton and his girlfriend, Lily Forester, were fugitives for a few years now. They both had fled the United States in a bid to escape drug charges that were adding up to about 25 years behind bars. They found a new home in Mexico where Galton decided to embrace his goal of being a ‘stateless’ man (and is even planned to appear in a documentary carrying this title) and continued his advocacy for drug liberation and cryptocurrency.

He soon began preaching his ideas to others who, according to him, are trapped and needed to embrace who they really are. He stressed that people should go for what they believe in, and if they feel it is impossible, then maybe they should be doing it differently elsewhere. He touted that the Mexican state Guerrero is a place of freedom, where they are valued and allowed to live as they wish. Defending their path, Ms. Forester added that their new hideout isn’t perfect but way better than what they had back in the States.

In a place with people of the same belief, they quickly fit in and picked up odd jobs in the terrorism industry. They were also pioneers of “Anarchaforko” and a few “Meat Ups” aimed at preaching their ideology and gaining followers. Anarchaforko, a full-blown anarchist conference which boasts over 3,000 attendees each year was proposed to take place this month before the incident occurred.

In addition, Mr. Galton also taught classes on cryptocurrencies. They both embraced cryptocurrency and its underlying technology as early as 2011 and detached themselves from traditional banks in 2012 as a means of staying off the U.S. security radar. As stated above, report has it that plans were in motion for him to be featured in a documentary titled ‘Stateless.’

The incident took place on Friday at a cannabis greenhouse in their neighborhood. Ms. Forester reportedly uploaded a video begging for help as gunmen attacked their home and shot her boyfriend and another 43-year-old man, Jason Henza, who was with them at the time. Henza was left injured with multiple bullet wounds while Galton died immediately.

Commenting on the situation, local policemen stated that they received a report of armed men showing up at a cannabis greenhouse and targeting Galton. The attorney’s office added that a marijuana laboratory, gas tanks, and white lights were found in the premises of the murder. Until the time of compiling this article, they are yet to get any suspect or the motive behind the murder.

Ms. Forester imparted that the news being spread by the media is untrue and that she does not feel secure to tell her side of the story yet. She will when the time is right.

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