Study: Most Top Universities Offer Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Courses

Crypto and Blockchain Education

In its recent report focused on the adoption of crypto courses in colleges, findings by the major crypto exchange Coinbase show that cryptocurrencies could be the future of money after all.

The firm committed to exploring the landscape of cryptocurrency awareness and adoption, released a comprehensive report on the latest survey it has conducted on the adoption of crypto education in colleges.

Drawing its data from top 50 international universities, Coinbase was able to infer that crypto could be the future of money as enthusiasts preach. This conclusion was arrived upon after a close survey of 735 students in the United States, 50 international universities, non-coursework offerings, analysis of research citations, and interviews with both students and professors.

Coinbase’s findings show that the adoption of crypto in universities across the globe has spiked up to 56%. This is an additional 16% to what it was last year. Such a massive rate of adoption and acceptance could only mean one thing – people are eager to learn and adopt this disruptive technology. And that is all of the ads crypto needs to fulfill the prophecy of its enthusiasts.

A closer look also reveals that many students have taken on more crash courses on crypto or blockchain technology, way more than we saw last year.

Even more interestingly, Coinbase’s survey demonstrates that crypto-related courses are no longer exclusive to students in computer sciences. From the survey, as opposed to common knowledge, we learned that students in other departments are taking a liking to crypto courses. They are just as eager to learn and prepare themselves for success in the field.

Crypto Not Just for Computer Science Students

Using a sample of 50 international students, Coinbase found that, although students in computer classes still make up a huge chunk of the pie, there is an appreciable amount of students from departments such as business, law, economics, and finance in the space.

While computer science proudly holds 32.2% of the share, departments like economics, finance, and business collectively hold 19.8%. Call it small, but this is a substantial spike from the crypto-is-reserved-for-geeks era. Adding to that, the survey rightly stated that law school classes also hold a substantial chunk of the pie, accounting for 10.7% of all crypto classes across the universities studied.

Having non-tech people in the mix just goes to show how far and wide crypto and its underlying tech has been accepted. Also, this shows that people across all sectors are happy to learn and apply this new technology. Of course, you would have faith in something before preparing to succeed in it.

The awakening has begun. More and more people are picking up the slack. They are ready to learn and man this ship, instead of run and hide away from it.

At this rate of adoption and awareness, we won’t be surprised that crypto eventually becomes the generally accepted digital currency across every sector in different countries on the world map.

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