Swisscom TV Introduces the First Blockchain-Centric Art Gallery on TV

Reaching the respectable world of art right from the comfort of your couch is possible now. Yes, a UHD-ready TV-Box from the Telecommunications company Swisscom, Swisscom TV, announced last week that consumers can now have art galleries brought to their homes with the NOOW app through a technology that is powered by blockchain.

Over the years, we have a ton of positive changes occur in several sectors, even in the world of art, regarding tracking and authentication. However, there have been no proven way of accurate tracking how many pieces of a work is out there and the ones that are actually from the original curator. It became even worse when technology provided people with the requisite tools to create a replica of a work and maintain all of its original features. How do you fish out the fake from the original? How do you tell who the original author of a work is? How do you know you are not being played?

Until now, the answers to these questions were incredibly difficult to reach. Thanks to blockchain technology, though, a few innovative ideas have come up in the past to tackle the issue of fraudulent art pieces in the world of art. Nonetheless, it is essential to clearly state that although a few measures and platforms have been created to serve just the same purpose, it is only now that it is being integrated into a blockchain TV, making the Switzerland-based TV the very first to create a fine mix of the world of art and the entertainment world.

According to Swisscom’s press release, the NOOW application is designed as a secure and excellent means of protection and distribution of art. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, art pieces can now be safely distributed and financed at the same time through the NOOW application. NOOW is expected to include up to 100 art pieces made by 30 international artists. This list was carefully curated by the acclaimed curator Stefanie Marlene Wenger.

Speaking about future plans, the young Swiss tokenization startup Dloop, the creator of the NOOW app, made it known that this is only the first step towards success and that there are many more to come including curated exhibition and close collaborations with several galleries.

Commenting on this first-of-its-kind project, Tom Rieder, the CEO of Dloop expressed gratitude over having Swisscom on board for the “courageous project.” He stressed further that “NOOW is a making digital art into a collector’s object and creating a value for it.”

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