Switzerland’s Wordline and Bitcoin Suisse Collaborate to Facilitate Crypto Payments

Switzerland crypto payments

Switzerland has become one of the first countries to develop systems to launch payment services in cryptocurrencies. Once successful, the system will then be spread across Europe to normalize use of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions by the citizens.

To achieve this goal, Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline are the first crypto firms that have partnered up. They aim to introduce the use of digital currencies to a larger scale crowd.

The payment service of cryptocurrency will allow consumers to have the benefit of making their everyday transactions, regardless of the scale of the monetary figure, across the country and the world at large. The partners for the project, Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse, are optimistic about the future of crypto in Switzerland and hope that the new method is adapted quickly.

Worldline is one of the prominent entities in the European market for services related to payments based in Bezon in France, and Bitcoin Suisse, a company based in Zug, are both important companies in the field of cryptocurrency.

Replacing the Current Payment System

The collaboration between the two is designed to prompt a change of the current payment infrastructure of Switzerland as presently the nation is using the SIX payment services.

SIX payment services have been a part of Worldline and it aims to develop a system that makes payments with cryptocurrency a reality, since the end of last year. As confirmed by the spokesperson in the press release, the collaboration between Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse is hoped to reinforce the prominent position of Switzerland in the area of crypto-finance exchanges industry as a strong center.

The CEO of Worldline in the country, Mark Schluep commented that through the partnership with Bitcoin Suisse, the merchants and consumers can have advantages from an entirely different offering without the risk of conversion errors. Bitcoin Suisse has created and developed considerable large expertise on in-house technical and crypto finance during its course of over 6 years of involvement with experience in cryptocurrency trading, brokerage and the organized storage of the digital currencies.

Following the successful launch of Worldline in Switzerland, the company aims to launch its cryptocurrency exchange services across Europe. The CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, Dr. Arthur Vayloyan said that the collaboration with Worldline is an important step in the journey towards spreading the influence and usage of cryptocurrency payments.

He further said that the company is gratified to serve the role of processor of digital currencies in the payment service system of Worldline, and concluded by stating that he applauds them for their pioneering spirit.

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