Tezos Foundation Teams Up with Seoul-Based Yonsei University to Advance Blockchain

Tezos Foundation has gone above and beyond to prove its loyalty to the crypto sphere. Over the years, it has empowered several individuals and organizations with the aim of building and sustaining the crypto ecosystem. The South Korea arm of the Tezos Foundation made the news again when it teamed up with the Digital Society Research Center at the Seoul-based Yonsei University.

The memorandum of understanding which was agreed upon is to help develop unique talents and expertise in blockchain technology. According to Tezos, this partnership would help both parties achieve their dream of strengthening the expertise of the blockchain and education expertise. It would also create the possibility to discuss various cooperation opportunities that will help lead the blockchain field.

Before this latest development, the Tezos Foundation was featured in different news outlets, highlighting how it helped promoting blockchain technology. In the early months of 2018, it was reported that the Tezos foundation announced a call for grant proposal and provided aid to four different institutions to help promoting the development of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The foundation also empowered three other recipients – Papers, Ackee, and Luiz Milfont – with grants to help with the development of tools and apps for the stability of the crypto sphere. The grant given to Papers, a crypto wallet, was to aid the development of an open-source library that would be useful as a dev toolkit too. Ackee, the second recipient of the grants, was aided in the development of a Tezos development kit for the iOS platform. And Milfont, a Brazillian IT developer and the last recipient of the grant, was selected because of his noteworthy contribution to the crypto sphere; he is responsible for developing the TezosJ SDK library which helps Android developers to build Android apps that work perfectly with the Tezos blockchain.

As if that was not enough, the Tezos Foundation has reportedly recruited one of the biggest PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) professional services providers to help conduct an external audit of its finance.

In related news, Sumitomo Mitsui (SMBC), a Japanese bank, partnered with the Ethereum Foundation and the University of Tokyo to launch an educational course dubbed – the Blockchain Innovation Donation Course to help train students of the graduate school of Engineering in the university. The course which is proposed to run for a period of three years would be of immense help to students who would like to set up blockchain-based businesses.

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