The All-Stocks Network to Present its New Prototype Ahead of ICO on April 15

The All-Stocks Network, which is set to begin its ICO on April 15, is about to present to the public its new highly-anticipated prototype. There have been a lot of excitement and anticipation within the crypto community, awaiting this release that sets to exhibit some of the avant-garde functions and features of the platform.

“This new technology will allow us to demonstrate the abilities of the system,” says Oren Nataf, All-Stocks Head of Development. “Among other things, our network is built to enable cryptocurrency trading within the platform with our own issued tokens, which are backed by real financial assets. We will also exhibit our instantaneous deposit and withdraw functionalities in and out of the system; in addition, we will present our new exceptionally informative reporting system that we have developed to be especially user-friendly.”

The All-Stocks Network is developing a newfangled exchange platform that incorporates not only trade in all major stock markets, but also in digital currencies such a Bitcoin and Ethereum. These trading abilities are already attracting a lot of attention of investors who have been eagerly awaiting such developments that will surely make the utilization of digital currencies far more accessible and easier than it is today.

To achieve its ambitious goals, All-Stocks has recruited a group of financial and digital experts and developers to build the network, and its ICO will begin on April 15. In the meantime, it does not appear that the All-Stocks team leans back and waits for investors, but continuously attempts to further expand and evolve.

“With our next version of our prototype,” Mr. Nataf asserts, “we will show how our system automatically interfaces with the Ethereum network and our especially designed smart contracts that will allow fast and easy issuing of our own tokens.” It certainly seems that these are exciting times in the All-Stocks headquarters.

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