The First Bitcoin-Featured Commercial Advertised on French Television

Bitcoin on TV

Bitcoin has enjoyed its first television commercial on free-to-air station across France. The 30-second video promotes Keplerk, a financial-technology firm based in Paris, and its services.

Currently, the ad is running on TF1, France’s national on-air station. Keplerk provides a virtual platform for consumers to exchange traditional fiat money for the digital currency Bitcoin(BTC)trade through exchange services in 6,500 different locations.

The commercial features different functions offered by the company where customers can purchase vouchers of various values. Currently, three different packages of vouchers are available, 50 euros, 100 euros and 250 euros; and with the additional payment of the mandatory processing fee, they can acquire Bitcoin after converting them. The newly-purchased digital currency will show up in their mobile app wallet.

You can watch the Bitcoin commercial here:

Although France is taking a hard stance against Facebook’s forthcoming cryptocurrency Libra, the country does attempt to integrate crypto and blockchain better into the nation’s economy, even directly into the education system. It’s also worth mentioning that a different French initiative was working on allowing Bitcoin payments across 25,000 different stores that was launched months ago.

The recent exposure of Bitcoin on national television opens up an entirely new demographic for BTC as previously unaware people will be learning about the concept of digital currency and will be more inclined to look into its unique workings.

“Bitcoin Boom” on the Verge

This commercial, along with the reports surfacing that the promotion of crypto in France could bring a “Bitcoin boom” in the country, means that more individuals and retailers will be making preparations to accept digital currency as common means of traction for daily use from next year.

Although the commercial in France is considered a huge feat, this is not the first-time Bitcoin has been featured on television. Grayscale Investments, an investment firm for cryptocurrency based in New York, had a commercial run in the United States, advertising Bitcoin and hyping up investors to forget gold and start investing in cryptocurrency instead.

The commercial had a line that stated that based on where things are going, digital currencies such as Bitcoin are the inevitable future. The United States is one of the top developed countries with the most amount of crypto users which makes it an ideal demographic for advertisements of more digital currencies on television. However, local and statewide regulations might make firms hesitant in launching new crypto-based initiatives.

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