The NASDAQ Partners with Microsoft to Implement Azure Blockchain Technology

The NASDAQ trading platform has not seen a considerable evolution since it first launched in 1971. Although the stock exchange has always been an innovator as one of the first electronic stock exchanges in the world, it has continued to operate with its regulatory bodies in 50 countries worldwide over 100 different exchanges.

The NASDAQ’s technology has always been a tool that businesses have used to get on the leading edge of finance investment. As innovators, the NASDAQ is partnering with big players like Microsoft Azure to become one of the world’s first major stock exchanges that will incorporate the use of blockchain infrastructure systems.

Blockchain infrastructure systems are commonly used to maintain Bitcoin exchanges and other sorts of cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Because each transaction on the ledger can be publicly shared and recorded without the use of any governing body, these exchanges can run much more efficiently than essentially any other stock exchange worldwide. The NASDAQ is incorporating a blockchain infrastructure that can use the same benefits and help them to innovate with a competitive advantage.

Microsoft has begun the development of blockchain infrastructure within the cloud. These applications will eventually create a multi-ledger strategy that could allow a stock exchange to run without the use of the regulatory officials or so many individuals responsible for maintaining the system.

Blockchain technology would not only improve the speed of trades but the communication throughout the financial infrastructure. This could lead to faster trade and greater fluidity within the stock exchange. It would also add some extra transparency when it came to investment and a smart contract solution that would make it very simple for multiple stock exchanges to provide ongoing communication and scalability.

Azure is by no means close to implementation with this type of stock exchange improvement. What they are trying to do is work within the scope to unlock extra power in stock exchanges with blockchain technology. These are the types of integrated systems that will work to improve security and eventually result in rapid ongoing deployment that could strengthen the NASDAQ exchange and any of the businesses that are regularly traded on that exchange.

What is most exciting about this development process is Microsoft and NASDAQ have partnered together to create a freedom of information exchange. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud providers and by applying cloud technology and blockchain together into an efficient addition to the network, this could shape the future of finance and the way that we trade online in the future.

As this technology continues its development we may soon begin to see new implementations that will structure the future of financial trading worldwide.

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