Tribe Accelerator Joins Forces with BMW, Intel to Upscale Blockchain-Based Startups

As more blockchain startups are being created, there is a need to create a safe and thriving environment that encourages the growth of such startup firms. Lots of blockchain innovative solutions have been created over the years through independent blockchain-based firms and partnership with several firms to further push the new technology towards the mainstream as well as to create a much better and safer environment for blockchain startups and enthusiast too.

Following in that path is the Singapore based firm named Trive Ventures which oversees the affairs of the product-oriented program dubbed Tribe.

Tribe is a government-backed project designed as a change catalyst which functions by collaborating with different industry partners. This partnership helps to connect Tribe’s participants with the various partners, and thus, helping to bolster growth and development in the crypto world.

The Tribe Project is also supported by Icon Foundation – a South Korean blockchain network, Enterprise Singapore – the government agency which oversees the growth and development of the country’s startup ecosystem, and the Singapore Digital Hub of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In line with its usual tradition, Tribe Accelerator announced last week that it is set to partner with major industry players such as the award-winning car retail company BMW, world-leading Chipmaker Intel, and the renowned solution maker Nielsen. The partnerships are aimed at upscaling blockchain startups by combining their expertise to create a better environment for blockchain startups to thrive in.

As part of the agreement, the award-winning car manufacturer BMW is ready to share some insights on innovation and mobility industry with participating startups. This is proposed to hold through a series of masterclasses and group mentoring sessions.

As one of the world largest chipmakers, the second member of the partnership, Intel, is saddled with the responsibility of upscaling blockchain startups through its unmatched business and technical mentorship. Intel has agreed to provide participating startups with its blockchain technologies while providing unparalleled mentorship – both technical and businesswise.

Lastly, the partnership requires Nielsen to contribute its quota by setting up a sandbox which would allow participating startups to gain ‘front-row’ experience of how to thrive in this business world. This includes learning about the different regulatory environments of their potential clients, embracing inevitable business risks, and fine-tuning their business models to meet the unique needs of potential customers.

In related news, the Tribe Accelerator announced it will be open for application submission for its second collaboration in April. Interested partners should get ready.

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