TRON Founder Expresses an Optimistic View about the Future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Kicking off the year with a strong start, the Chief Executive Office of TRON (TRX) Justin Sun says he believes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a promising future ahead of them.

The sustenance of the crypto ecosystem has been a disturbing question since the crypto plunge in 2018 that sent Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, down by about 85% of its value in 2017. Crypto enthusiasts, as well as investors, have all been worried sick of the prolonged crypto winter, making many to drive as far as possible from cryptocurrency and related coins deemed unstable. This has caused a huge set back in the growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency. While many are wary and skeptical about the ‘return’ and sustenance of the crypto sphere, there are still more than a few crypto enthusiasts who maintain their strong stands and believe in this new era of digital coins.

Among such optimists is the Founder and CEO of TRON – currently the 10th largest cryptocurrency – Justin Sun who strongly believes that Bitcoin, despite how far it has fallen, still has a bright and promising future ahead.

He made his stand known during an interview with CNBC on March 13.

Sun backed his claim with the fact that big industry players such as JP Morgan and Facebook among others are beginning to show interest in crypto coins, signaling a bright future ahead due to the crowd these big players are sure to pull into the crypto ecosystem. He also stressed that a lot of people believe in the functionalities of cryptocurrencies. Among the people Sun mentioned are Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk.

Further arguing his stand, Sun proposed that Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, is a new kind of technology, not a business opportunity. He explained that this new technology provides younger generations with the opportunity to get into the field especially now, according to him, that the Lightning Network and other such technologies are gaining popularity. He believes we are facing the next wave of the internet and as such, crypto is a good way to get youngsters actively involved in the ‘game.’

Away from Bitcoin, Sun was asked about his recent acquisition and how TRON is doing – marketwise. To this, he answered that TRON is so much more than what the market cap and critics valuation depict. He explained that these valuations are just the surface of the business. The TRON Foundation is primarily focused on business, technology, and other exciting things currently on the network, not mere numbers or market value.

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