Viral Bitcoin Pokemon Parody Song Hits the Web; “Crypto Coins Are Here to Stay!”

Crypto Bitcoin Pokemon Song

Gotta Cash Them All! A new Pokemon Parody song that hit the web last week has drawn a truckload of followers to the crypto movement. The song which was carefully, yet convivially written is geared towards promoting the crypto space through a Pokemon song.

Jason Paige, the original creator of the Pokemon Parody song, took the time to revamp the song, by infusing some Bitcoin-themed lyrics. Although the lyrics were totally changed, the song is yet drawing attention from across the globe, thus increasing the follower base of the crypto movement.

In the song, titled Gotta Cash Them All, Jason highlighted several facets of the crypto verse including its decentralized nature, crypto coin mining, dApps, etc. Also, he playfully talked about some advantages of virtual currencies such as its transparency, lack of barrier, and how it is bent to revamp the traditional financial world.

You can watch the song here:

In his pro-crypto song, using Bitcoin(BTC)trade as an example, Jason took the heat up a notch and sang about governments’ reaction to the crypto growth, how the feds are threatened, and how crypto is the new evolution.

“Oh, the Fed’s annoyed, cause it cannot be destroyed … Governments will try to stop what cannot be undone. Crypto coins are here to stay. The future has begun.”

Paige didn’t stop at singing praises of the crypto sphere but went further to prophesy the end of the traditional financial system, stating that the dollar is not the only thing that crypto will replace. And that there are tons of dApps on the way aimed at revamping the cyberspace. Blockchain technology also holds the power to eliminate the role of middlemen. So, yeah, crypto is more than just a digital currency. “It is our destiny!”

Bringing Cryptocurrency into the Mainstream

The Pokemon Parody song, which currently boasts about 16K views on YouTube, attracted a massive response from people in the crypto world and even others in the traditional financial world. Reading through the overwhelming reply, it is clear to everyone, including the blind, that the song has won over the hearts of many.

A number of people commented that they never cared about the crypto world until they listened to the song. Paige may have successfully drawn more followers into cryptocurrency, and consequently cryptocurrency into the mainstream, by changing the lyrics of the precious original cartoon song to a Bitcoin-themed parody.

Well, who doesn’t want to “pay with the best!?!”

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