Walmart Leverages the New Blockchain Patent for Autonomous Robot Delivery

With a reputation which precedes it, blockchain technology has spread far and wide across the globe. It’s no news that this is the future of tech, which is why many companies have applied an aggressive strategy in procuring as much blockchain patents as they can just so they won’t be left out from the big ‘thing’.

A good example of such companies is Walmart – a multinational retail corporation based in the United States of America, which has shown with every indication that it is here to stay in the blockchain space.

Over the years Walmart has applied for several blockchain patents and it isn’t taking the backseat this time as it has proposed a plan to leverage the latest blockchain patent in the creation of troops of autonomous robots equipped with the ability to transport deliveries across the supply chain.

According to the official patent document, (Systems, Devices, and Methods for In-Field Authenticating of Autonomous Robots) released on August 30th 2018, the methodology behind the proposed drone-delivery system is based on the interaction of autonomic electronic devices. Packages will be transferred between drones wirelessly after an authentication process using blockchain keys like RFID codes, ultrasound or QR codes.

Yeah, straight out of the movies! We do hope that Walmart brings this dream to actualization as this automated delivery system would be of great help in the process of recording authentication signals and data. One step up the notch in the fight against cybercriminals.

This system also fits perfectly into the framework of the Smart network patent Walmart applied for recently. The system which is aimed at managing smart appliances via blockchain will be a good fit in the automated drones-delivery system.

With Amazon topping the food chain, many companies are set to compete in the battle for supremacy by putting their products on Blockchain to ensure safe, fast and efficient deliveries.

Besides Walmart, UPS has also employed this strategy in tracking its shipments across the globe.

Although the new delivery system provides companies with lots of benefits, it cuts down the amount of jobs available as the delivery processes are automated with blockchain technology. So while we relish the amazing benefits we should also brace ourselves up for whatever comes with it.

Indeed blockchain technology is here to stay and many companies are actively working on sustaining the future of blockchain while leveraging its benefits for their growth. It might seem prevalent in the retail and marketing world but sooner rather than later blockchain technology just might be embraced by most facets of the economy.

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