Why AllStocks

So why indeed should you invest in AllStocks? You could just take your crypto-money and spend it on a delicious Subway sandwich or a long desired trip from Expedia or donate to the U.S. Libertarian Party or invest in another ICO (BOO!!) – all of which accept at least in some way cryptocurrency.

Well… perhaps with the exception of a Subway sandwich (they’re really good!), there are actually a lot of great reasons to invest in AllStocks ICO rather than in other ventures.

We’ve gathered here some of the main reasons that might convince you to invest in AllStocks ICO in one beautiful list, because people love lists. Lists are good. Lists are great. Lists are our precious. Okay, okay, here we go…

1. Global trading: The AllStocks platform allows trading in all major markets worldwide within one easy-to-use and automatic platform. One click… Nasdaq! Another click… Shanghai Stock Exchange! Another click… Mars! Just kidding – we’re still working on Mars.

2. Multiple financial assets including cryptocurrencies: The AllStocks platform supports multiple financial assets such as stocks, bonds, options, and also cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Yup, we’re just cool like that.

3. Extremely cheap trading fees and commissions: Because the platform gives priority to orders inside the system, all the annoying regular fees and commissions to which you’re already used to are reduced drastically and awesomely.

4. Broker selection: Do you have a favorite broker with whom you like to work? No problem! The platform gives you the option to choose your own broker.

5. API: Our public API allows developers and brokers the possibility to connect to the platform easily and simply. What can we say, we just love you connected.

6. Security and transparency: We don’t play around with the security of your financial security! Any issued token is automatically being backed by the real financial asset which it represents and is being held in a transparent escrow account, and also in blockchain.

7. No minimum amount: There is no minimum amount to manage a portfolio and any investor can transfer his/her own financial assets to the platform. We believe that our platform will become such a comfy home for your assets that you just won’t want to leave.

8. Purchasing with cryptocurrencies: The platform connects between the traditional financial world and cryptocurrencies. Investors can purchase financial assets with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now don’t tell us you don’t like this option, you crypto-savvy investor you.

9. Profit sharing: The company will share its profits with AllStocks token (AST) holders. Do we really need to say more?

10. AST value: As trading volumes will increase, AST value will rise accordingly. It’s kind of like buying a Honda, and getting a Maserati. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a Honda; but no, it’s not a Maserati.

11. Huge capacity potential: Because the platform operates in multiple financial areas and markets, it has a potential of immense volumes! The capacity of the global stock markets, if you already asked, worth $100 trillion alone (yeah, that’s 1 followed by twelve 0’s after it).

12. New markets for brokers: The platform opens up new global markets for brokers who couldn’t reach those markets before. You see, we play nice with brokers too!

13. Advanced stages of development: The platform is in advanced stages of development (thank you, development team!). While unfortunately in the ICO field there are many frauds that don’t really develop anything, AllStocks has already released a live demo before its ICO, and full public release is scheduled for the beginning of 2019. If you ask us, that’s pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

Now finish that Subway sandwich already and join us!

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