WTF? Craig Wright Says Binance and Tether Fund Prostitution & Slavery!

Craig Wright Bitcoin Crazy

Craig Wright is at it again, making the headlines once more just after the false claim that the US Copyright Office acknowledged him as Satoshi Nakamoto. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder just added yet another accusation to his list of never-ending unprovable claims.

The Australian computer scientist, who also doubles as the head of the forked Bitcoin SV took to the podium in the just concluded CoinGeek Conference in Toronto to make several improbable claims without evidence, as usual.

In his usual habit, Mr. Wright lambasted Bitcoin, saying it is only around to finance illegal operations. He went further to call out two huge crypto exchanges – Bitfinex and Binance – accusing them of using Bitcoin to fund illegal operations like illegal money transfer and smuggling humans (human trafficking). He stated:

“Binance, Bitfinex, and Tether use Bitcoin [BTC] to fund illegal operations for pumping money such as illegal money travel, illegal use of people smuggling.”

Mr. Wright, who was the host of the event went on to educate his audience on how Bitcoin is only used for financing crime and making further accusations that 30% of Binance money is used to fund prostitution. As if that is not enough, Mr. Wright gathered more pebbles and threw them on both Binance and Tether (USDT), saying 30% of their money is spent on slavery.

Such a huge accusation to make without proof; but what can I say, that is how Wright “plays.”

“I Am Bitcoin’s Founder” Baseless Claims, But Some Still Buy It

It is worthy to mention that most of the people or exchanges that Mr. Wright ever called out are those who publicly refute his claim to be the much-sought-after Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. It is more like, get on board or get on my blacklist. For example, Binance didn’t only refute his claim but pulled out Bitcoin SV from its list of cryptocurrency tradable on the platform. It is no wonder Binance is getting the hit this time.

Like the false claim that the US Copyright Office gave him the go-ahead as Bitcoin founder caused a huge spike in the price of Bitcoin SV, a set of people seem to be buying his claim of being the founder of Bitcoin. For instance, the crypto enthusiast Patrice Gaucher tweeted recently that Bitcoin SV partnership with notable merchants such as MasterCard, Amazon, Uber, VISA, Apple, and the likes is enough proof that Mr. Wright is the true founder of Bitcoin.

Wright’s baseless claims are currently causing an upheaval in the crypto space, giving rise to several schools of thought. Is Wright Satoshi Nakamoto? Until proven beyond a doubt, the search for Satoshi Nakamoto is still on. Even though it’s highly doubtful, I hope we find him soon.

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