Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’Dirty Bastard Rolls Out his Own Token

The presale for the ODB coin is here. It is set to be an officially licensed cryptocurrency that is delivered from the estate of famous rapper Ol’Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan. Presale information for the coin is available at Alt.Market.

The site Altmarket is a fundraising platform in peer to peer trading within the entertainment industry; this is the first cryptocurrency trading platform that they have produced through the platform. Through AltMarket, users will be able to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies in a highly liquid state. Users can access Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tao and Bitcoin Cash to name a few. Altmarket will also consider producing other cryptocurrencies as their main investment vehicles as demand continues to evolve.

The ODB coin is their first planned offering on the platform and the plan of these new creations is to provide artists in the entertainment field with the means to connect with consumers on a platform where they can support their favorite artists and their favorite projects with cryptocurrency.

AltMarket offers some excellent benefits to traders and entertainment fans:

  • It can be the perfect way to discover new and trending assets.
  • The company has 24/7 support lines in place.
  • They have an API that is extremely fast integrating AltMarkets into applications and online payment gateways can be done in a flash.
  • The system is also very easy to use and customize. Nearly every element of the trading platform can be changed to suit the style of trading a person would like to complete.

The exchange has been built on leading technology with the help of Bryce Weiner who is the current CEO. The goal is to produce a platform that completely respects client investment and that can eventually rise to become one of the top and trusted names in the cryptocurrency market. Initial artist offerings are what the company is calling its future crypto token plans. As more musical artists step forward, they may have the chance to build their own types of coins to grow the platform as well.

As digital currency as we know it and the entertainment industry as a whole are seeing ongoing and dramatic changes worldwide, platforms like Altmarket could be an excellent way that artists and investors could see a new phase in each industry. The face of entertainment could be changing, alongside the various methods that are used for funding entertainment projects within the industry, such as cryptocurrency.

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