“Yes, I am Satoshi Nakamoto,” Craig Wright Reassures Again; John McAfee Claims to Know the Real Bitcoin Founder

In a recent blog post, the Australian Craig Wright asserted once more that he is Satoshi Nakamoto and allegedly sheds some light on Bitcoin, including why he created it and also describes plans he has in the pipeline. You will recall that Nakamoto is (or are) the founders of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

A decade after the debut of the virtual coin, we are yet to see the face of the man behind it that started what is known today as cryptocurrency. The name Satoshi Nakamoto was found on the first Bitcoin whitepaper and until this day, we are yet to confirm if Nakamoto is a pseudonym or a group of people or an actual name of a person.

Different theories have been postulated on who Nakamoto is over the years. However, we are yet to confirm the real Nakamoto. In fact, Newsweek Magazine identified a California Physicist who goes by the name Dorian S. Nakamoto in 2014; however, he refuted the report, saying he is not the Nakamoto they seek.

Meanwhile, an Australian entrepreneur called Craig Wright has been going on and on on how he is the mysterious Bitcoin founder. Since 2016, Wright has never allowed any chance of him ‘revealing himself’ slide.

However, John McAfee, the renowned antivirus pioneer who is now known for many things including tracking hidden identity, is 100% sure that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He claims that he spoke with the real Nakamoto and Wright wasn’t the person he spoke to. McAfee promised to reveal the real identity of Nakamoto and asserted that he is a man living in the United States.

As with other theories so far, we are yet to confirm McAfee’s story. Prior to the date scheduled for the big ‘reveal,’ McAfee pulled the plug, saying it will hurt his extradition to the US. To support his claim, he posted a photo of the letter sent to him from his extradition lawyer, Mario Gray. In the letter, Gray warned him against revealing the identity of Nakamoto as it would influence his case. The extradition is imminent, and as such he should wait until the case is over for his big ‘revelation.’

So, we are back to where we started. And Wright is not backing off from his claim. In fact, in the blog post, he not only claimed that he is Nakamoto but also brazenly explained why he created Bitcoin and his future plans for Bitcoin.

Well, I guess we will have to wait for McAfee’s extradition to learn the truth – if it is the truth.

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