YouTube Cracks Down on Crypto Videos, Leaving Creators Unnerved and Confused

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It is no news that YouTube has been targeted in times past as a host for spreading malware, including those tagged as crypto malware. However, a crackdown on these potentially harmful contents shouldn’t be exclusive to a particular niche. Even more, it should be done with some warning and precaution.

Well, none of that happened. In its unique way of spreading cheers and smiles Christmas is known to bring along with it, YouTube spread rage and frustration across major crypto channels.

On December 23rd, YouTube went full anti-crypto and took down as many crypto videos as it saw fit. For no apparent reason whatsoever, the world’s largest video platform has decided to go on a blocking spree, cutting off videos from both popular and unpopular cryptocurrency creators.

True, you could be fighting against crypto malware; but nonetheless, a warning or insight into how and why going full anti-crypto mode is not asking for too much. I mean, you aren’t targeting just newbie creators. Big-time influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers could be spared from this unpleasant Christmas gift.

Take Chris Dun, for example. A renowned crypto influencer with over 200,000 subscribers and well above 7 million views. After 10 years in the space, Chris wakes up to an email saying his videos have been taken down, followed by a threat of being kicked out of the site after a third strike. It is important to note that these crypto-oriented videos have been up there for several months. Say there are any issues with the selected videos, would it be too much to give a warning?

As Dunn rightly added, such a preposterous act only goes to show why we need to decentralize the web. “… I should’ve put my videos on decentralized platforms a long time ago, but lesson learned! This is a clear example of why we need to decentralize the web!” Dunn tweeted.

Just like Dunn, another established crypto influencer also received the unpleasant Christmas gift. Node Investor, known for demystifying the crypto and the technology underpinning it, woke up to a surprise the same day – his videos from as far as two years ago are suddenly toxic to the YouTube community. Without any warning, Node Investor lost some of his crypto videos for no exact reason.

Some Crypto Videos Have Been Reinstated

Going full ‘wacko’ on crypto creators without any prior warning leaves a million questions on the lips of crypto users and enthusiasts. Is YouTube an anti-crypto platform? What happens next? How are the supposed “harmful or dangerous” videos handpicked for such a ban? What should I do to protect my crypto videos from being harmful? What is going on YouTube?

Some crypto YouTubers have received a response from the official TeamYouTube that it had been an error and the videos will be reinstated but many more are still in anxious wait.

Let’s wait and see how many more videos, if any, of crypto YouTube influencers will be reinstated after this… ‘error.’

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