AllStocks Crypto Exchange Now Offers NO TRADING FEES for 3 Months

AllStocks Global Crypto Hub

If you haven’t heard the big news yet, then we here at AllStocks Network have been exhilarated and proud that we finally released our advanced crypto exchange this week.

It certainly has been an exciting and challenging process for us. You can probably imagine that developing a trading platform that houses users’ cryptocurrency holdings is quite a complicated matter. There are numerous technological safety measures to implement – and sometimes even to build from scratch – in order to provide the necessary high security standards, about which we could not compromise.

Of course, protecting our users’ funds and private data is not the only a complex issue when developing a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange. We also wanted to deliver a state-of-the-art system that could execute transactions in the fastest way possible alongside technical tools that could help traders make the best calculated trading decisions in real-time. We believe we have succeeded in our goals as we thrive to constantly keep improving the exchange platform on all fronts.

Another important issue for us was fees and commissions. We sought to cut down users’ trading costs to the very minimum. Sure, we’re a for-profit business; but we still believe that we can still reach profitability whilst simultaneously reduce the regular charges that are accepted in crypto exchanges significantly. We therefore decided to lower our fees to the outrageously cheap commission of 0.03% per transaction. Just for comparison, the cheapest fees in the crypto exchange market right now are valued at 0.1% per transaction, so we offer LESS THAN THIRD than the lowest commission in the industry.

And to celebrate the lunch of our crypto exchange, we want to offer you even less than that: No fees at all for three whole months. In order to enjoy this benefit, simply register and under “My Balances” click on the “redeem a coupon” link. There, type in the following coupon code: ALLFCE

The first 1,000 users who will redeem this coupon won’t have to pay any fees and commissions for three months!

Do you want another way to reduce your trading costs? You’re more than welcome to join our affiliate program. With our affiliate program, you can refer friends to our crypto exchange, and both you and them will enjoy a 50% discount on all your trading fees for a week!

So take advantage of our offers today, and good luck on your crypto journey. Happy trading!

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