AMD Joins Blockchain Game Alliance to Build Blockchain Platforms for Gamers

AMD gets into blockchain gaming

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), an American company that develops computer processors for businesses, has announced that it will be joining the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and will be collaborating with technology providers. This will increase the creation of gaming platforms that will be powered by blockchain technology.

AMD will be the first major hardware manufacturer to partner with the BGA. It will provide a platform for alliance members with high-performance technologies for gaming platforms which might revolutionize the way games are developed, sold in the market and of course ultimately played. This aligns with the BGA’s goal to increase the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Furthermore, AMD also shared that it will be partnering with blockchain technology figures, Robot Cache and ULTRA. The launch of the new graphic cards and processors, AMD Radeon and AMD Ryzen, comes with a new design that provides high-performing cryptographic computing power. Additionally, AMD EPYC processors will be used by ULTRA for its blockchain to enable block production, and AMD processors will be used in servers which will power the platform through Robot Cache.

The head of blockchain technology at AMD, Joerg Roskowetz, said that the use of blockchain technology will increase the choices and security for both the publishers and the users. He added that the next generation blockchain platforms for gaming will give the consumers access to exclusive online content and provide publishers with new ways to distribute games.

Blockchain Initiative Director at Ubisoft, Nicolas Pouard, said that the BGA is gathering some of the leading blockchain innovators and content developers across the globe to bring the best of technology for the gamers. He further commentated on the collaboration with AMD, saying that they are delighted to work with them to determine role of blockchain technology in the entertainment area.

High-Performing Processors and Graphic Cards for Blockchain

AMD will provide high computer performance and security for peer-to-peer transactions through several ways. As AMD is leading in the blockchain development and enabling variety of new applications and services that are powered by blockchain to provide advanced computing power.

Furthermore, through efficient and high-performance CPU’s and GPU’s the company will be able to reach new heights. Since AMD is at an advantage to offer one of the finest combinations of high-performing processors and graphic cards for the increasingly demanding blockchain workloads.

And finally, AMD Secure Technology is designed in accordance with the current evolving and intricate security threats, and it will certainly help with protection of the company’s processors as an additional safety measure.

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