, EOS Parent, to Open New Headquarters in Washington D.C.

EOS event, a software engineering company and the creator of the cryptocurrency EOS (EOS)trade, announced that it will be opening its operations headquarters for the US operations in Arlington, Virginia due to its proximity to its fourth international base in Washington D.C. region. specializes in developing blockchain software and is the company behind the popular blockchain software EOSIO and the seventh-largest digital currency EOS, established in 2018. The company announced that it will be adding more opportunities for employment and making room for engineering department, information technology, digital security, development of newer products and expand its marketing in the new site in Arlington. CEO, Brendan Blumer, said that the company is enthusiastic about settling in at Arlington as the region can provide a dense variety of skills in engineering, IT and security department that is seeking to expand and grow. He adds that the advantage of proximity to capital city, Washington D.C., will be useful for policy innovation for the digital properties and distributed ledger technology in the country.

Blumer says that the expansion of the company opens new areas of talent and skill during a time when technology for cryptocurrency is advancing rapidly and the demand for blockchain-based development is increasing.

Crypto Creates Job and Contributes to the Economy

Previously, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam praised for its dedication to create 170 high-skilled jobs in the city of Arlington. The next step for the company is looking promising for the tech workers in the state. Currently has over 80 engineers, research workers and developers in the city of Blacksburg, Virginia which is a crucial base for the company.

The Cyberstates 2019 report lists Virginia as the second state in the country with highest concentration of technology and IT workers. The report shows that the tech workers in Virginia account for 10.7% of the country’s total employment base. It singlehandedly generates over $62.7 billion which directly contributes to state of Virginia’s economy.

With a rapid growth in the crypto market, blockchain spending is expected to increase at a swift pace since the year 2018 until the year 2022. New analyses are expecting a five-year aggregated annual growth rate of at least 76% according to the report published this year by International Data Corporation.

The total international spending is predicted to exceed $12.4 billion by the year 2022, with the financial sector in the lead, followed by manufacturing and the resources sector. also visions to expand its current offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Blacksburg.

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