Bringing Bees to the Blockchain: World Bee Project Partners with Oracle for Bee Sustainability

Bee Blockchain Tracking and Monitoring

We have noticed a recent scary trend of a drastic decline in the bee population in the last decade. The U.S., for example, has seen a decline up to 40% in the bee population since 2018. Research also showed that Europe has experienced a 25% decline in the bee population since 1999.

These figures are alarming. Should this trend continue, we could get to a time where there will be a massive food shortage due to lack of pollination as most plants depend on pollination from insects to reproduce.

To help mitigate this alarming rate of decline, Oracle has harnessed its blockchain platform to extend a helping hand to the World Bee Project (WBP). Through Oracle Blockchain Platform, the partnership aims to do more than bee traceability. It is also aimed at monitoring bees in their hives and promoting sustainability.

On the note of traceability, Oracle will make this possible by designing a BeeMark label that will show that a honey produce is from ecologically sustainable sources. Information throughout the supply chain will be stored on Oracle Blockchain Platform, thus making it impossible for anyone to alter data and very much possible to trace the product from the hive to the shelf. This move is the best shot at fishing out adulterated honey from the stores as you can easily tell if something has been added or subtracted from the product.

Blockchain and Monitoring Technology for Bees’ Health

Taking the blockchain project up a notch, Oracle has also promised to install a monitoring technology into beehives across the globe. This device will help them monitor the health and behavioral changes in bees.

This will go a long way to help sustain the bee population we can now tell what went wrong and how to prevent future occurrence. Farmers will also benefit from this as the technology can give the beekeeper a notice of an impending swarm.

This stage of the project is unarguably the most important of all stages because it is the most effective way to sustain the bee community at the moment, which is a major cause of concern today.

We are happy to know that blockchain-powered plans are underway to help protect these little insects, not just to enjoy their produce. With this partnership, we can be sure of not just getting genuine honey products but also ensuring the sustainability of their ecological sources.

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