Craig Wright Shows ‘Evidence’ of Satoshi’s Pseudonym in Bizarre Interview

Craig Wright self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder

The infamous self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder, Craig Wright, is at it again. The Australian computer scientist is resilient in his pursuit to prove he is the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto. That would be commendable if not that each attempt tends to prove his desperation instead.

In a recent hard-to-believe-it’s-not-arranged interview, Wright once again fought so hard to convince himself and the general public that he is the long sought after creator of Bitcoin(BTC)trade Satoshi Nakamoto. This time he is out to prove the origin of the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym – which he says actually means intelligent learning. Only the real Satoshi would know this, right? Well, that is exactly what Craig is thinking too. But how well did the ‘show’ go?

As with his other attempts so far, there were too many obvious holes to turn a blind eye to. First, everything about the interview screams ‘it was arranged.’ How else would you define an interview where the interviewer knows about a document you supposedly found before you could even talk about it?

After a brief casual intro, the interviewer asked about the document he supposedly found, to which Wright replied it has “the origin of where I chose the name Satoshi.” Of course, you have to maintain character. So, the interviewer went ahead to ask for the details of his findings.

Let’s just say Craig’s effort to prove the origin of the Nakamoto pseudonym was just lifting a blurry sheet of A4 paper with some handwritten scribes on it.

Weird Reference to an Article

Wright cited details from an article about Tominaga Nakamoto, a guy he claims to admire for his smartness and resilience. And of course, you can always coin a nick from someone you admire. At least, that is the point he is trying to prove.

One quick question, though, while the article on the JSTOR academic journal database showed that it was accessed just six months before Bitcoin’s whitepaper was published, it in no way states the name of the person who accessed it. Therefore, anyone besides Craig could have accessed it on that fateful day. But what do we know?

In the article, Nakamoto wrote mostly about honest money – which anyone would believe gave birth to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the writer describes Nakamoto as “upright and quiet, but impatient in character,” which Wright quickly added that the description kind of fits him.

Still singing his praise, or maybe that of Nakamoto, Wright asserted that “[l]imitless knowledge, chronological order of texts was part of what he was doing, reordering books in chronological order.” Does this sound like the Craig Wright we know? I’ll leave that to you.

Why so desperate to convince us you are Satoshi? Why the lies? Could it be it’s because you are trying to claim a title that is not yours? Most definitely!

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