Gemini Partners with BT Radianz Cloud to Connect Institutional Clients with Crypto

British Telecommunication (BT group) has recently announced that the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini joined its Radianz Cloud – the world’s largest network of financial cloud communities. With this partnership, Gemini is expecting to reach thousands of high-end clients on Radianz Cloud and to bring them into the crypto market by meeting their institutional requirements and pledging to provide the most efficient, secure and cost-effective infrastructure to trade in crypto.

Gemini is a New York-based regulated cryptocurrency custodian and exchange whose first foundations were laid by the Winklevoss twins already in 2014; it allows the customers to buy, sell and store digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. By joining the Radianz Cloud, Gemini clearly indicates that it is all set to fly to meet the criteria of global institutions.

Radianz, on another hand, can be described as “one of the world’s largest, secure networked financial cloud communities” which is composed of thousands of global financial institutes, exchanges, brokers and clearing and settlement firms. The partnership will enable the users of Radianz Cloud to trade in crypto through Gemini which will result in a great opportunity for Gemini to serve many more institutional clients from the global market.

Nick Vigier, chief information officer at Gemini said:

“No other cryptocurrency exchange in the world offers our caliber of top performance and breadth of connectivity options. Adding Radianz Cloud connectivity to our current low latency offerings in the NY5 data center allows our existing institutional customer base to access our FIX interface whether they are directly connected or in AWS.”

He further explained that the joint venture will enable the exchange to tap into the global market and strengthen their relationship with existed institutional investors.

According to Michael Woodman, managing director of BT Radianz, global financial institutions are very specific when it comes to carrying out the trades. They prefer a faster, secure, trustable and convenient platform that allows them to have complete control over it; meeting their requirements isn’t something achievable for small or new crypto service providers. However, being a pioneer in proving crypto related services, Gemini asserts that it shall be able to create such a fitting, satisfactory, and trustable frameworks demanded by global financial institutes
with which they could conduct business.

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