ISIS Terrorists Presence Detected on Blockchain Messaging App BCM

ISIS Terrorists Use crypto

Recent private monitors online have discovered that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization has been using the messaging app BCM that is developed with blockchain technology to communicate with its members while remaining undetected by the authorities.

The nature of blockchain technology can also allow the terrorist organization to transfer digital assets and cryptocurrency across the globe anonymously, which presents a challenge to the international law enforcement agencies. Prior to the recent shift, law enforcement agencies uncovered that ISIS was using Telegram to communicate within the organization and deliver orders.

A cryptocrime researcher, Brenna Smith, published a newsletter on Cryptosint about the use of Telegram by the ISIS. She commented that the app’s main selling features including encryption and large sizes for group chat members present a great risk because extremists are chasing after technologies that can deliver their messages to thousands while remaining undetected.

The BCM messaging app has now become the new virtual platform for the extremist terrorist organization due to its features such as anonymity and encrypted messages

She further added that an important part of BCM is the digital currency wallet it allows users to maintain, send or receive the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin(BTC)trade and Ethereum (ETH)trade. This is another feature that can be used as an advantage for the terrorists to conduct transactions and terrorist funding.

Terrorists Seek Blockchain Apps for Anonymity

The ban of ISIS from Telegram that took place several weeks ago brought a new search for the terrorist organization to look for newer technologies that can grant them the same benefits for their malicious activities. Many analysts and researchers started suspecting that they might be gravitating towards blockchain-oriented messaging apps. Smith added that there have been many reports that crypto platforms that do not have user identification systems have become a safe space for criminal and terrorist activity.

BCM is in the process of potentially developing its own exchange platform in the near future, which Smith says might become a major hub for terrorist financing. Currently, the messaging app has not commented on the reports of presence of ISIS on its platform and what measures it would take in terms of removing the terrorists from the app.

AllStocks Crypto News previously reported that crypto mining pools are a golden opportunity for terrorist organizations and criminals to launder their ill-gotten money. The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), an independent group working for international defense and security commented on the issue, says that cloud-mining companies that provide the service of exchanging cash for crypto are inevitably helping such organizations.

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