Opera Browser for Android Now Fully Embraces Bitcoin and TRON Blockchains

Opera Browser Supports Crypto

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, users and fans alike have long awaited the news shared by Opera about its latest Android browser upgrade. Opera has made it known to the public that it has recently upgraded the beta version of its Opera browser for Android just to give its users what they want.

The major thing to note is that the beta version now allows users to transfer and receive both TRON and Bitcoin(BTC)trade cryptocurrencies. For TRON, Opera will be allowing the use of both TRX and supported TRC10 tokens as reported earlier; additionally, it will also allow to execute transactions using Bitcoin directly from the browser.

This additional support is actually a giant stride towards making Opera’s Web 3 to be much more crypto-mainstream in the eyes of the public as most people are familiar with Bitcoin. Before this big news, Opera’s integrated cryptocurrency wallet only backed up ERC tokens and Ethereum.

This is why people are excited about this latest upgrade as the inclusion of TRON and Bitcoin is a big step towards greater heights for the wallet, while it is user-friendly for interested crypto enthusiasts.

About Opera’s Cryptocurrency Wallet of TRON and Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that actually piqued the interest of consumers all over the world since its inception a decade ago. Although the price of the virtual coin crashed in 2018, now with a steady rise in 2019, its value is soaring high (although still behind the 2017 peak).

Furthermore, Bitcoin has actually been used customarily as a speculative investment, and not really that often it was used for real-time payments. What this release holds in terms of crypto is that the Opera’s browser beta version for Android will be enabling users to transfer and receive BTC and also easily access their transaction history.

Also, Opera will incorporate an experimental integration of the new exciting Web 3. This will actually be making it possible for websites to easily request and receive their addresses and for the users to execute cryptocurrency transactions. The fact remains that Opera is bringing Bitcoin to Web 3, and this will allow every single user to utilize cryptocurrency for his or her transactions on the web.

As for TRON, the cryptocurrency wallet in Opera’s browser for Android will be showing the balances of both TRX and TRC10 tokens. Users will also be allowed to transfer and receive TRC10, and TRX tokens as well as easily access their transaction history.

Plans for Web 3

As far back as December 2018, opera was rated as the first major browser to have a traditional crypto wallet plus its Web 3 explorer. The new features were added to allow people to execute transactions and communicate with Web 3.

It was in April 2019 Opera brought this operation to its PC browser, and by June 2019, Opera Touch browser was introduced on iOS. With its frictionless user interface, third-party browser extensions or even wallet applications are not required.

Even with all these, Web 3 still faces a lot of challenges before it can successfully attain public acceptance. The barriers and obstacles it faces include:

  • Users understanding of new terms
  • Complexities in obtaining virtual currencies
  • Complex installation processes

This modification to include two primary blockchains to Opera’s mobile platform has marked a big step to the plans of the company. Opera’s underlying strategy is to make Web 3 much more user-friendly and inclusive for its users all over the globe.

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