Survey: More Crypto Owners Voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump on crypto

In a recent survey conducted by Clovr, more digital currency owners state that they voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections than for Donald Trump.

In general, 46.62% of the survey participants voted for Hillary Clinton in the elections. This percentage is not very distant from the actual percentage of people who actually voted for the candidate (48.18%), but the real surprise was centered around the people who voted for Donald Trump. In the 2016 elections, about 46.09% of the voters voted for Donald Trump, but according to the survey, a much lesser percentage, 33.83% of cryptocurrency owners voted for him. This difference in percentage is very telling about the voting habits of people who own cryptocurrency.

The report on the survey also presented a breakdown of the statistics based on votes by different cryptocurrency owners. 40.55% of the Bitcoin voters voted for Hillary Clinton and 33.92% of the votes voted for Donald Trump. This distribution of voters was consistent with the overall trend. However, a relative majority of voters who own Ripple (XRP)trade and EOS (EOS)trade voted for Donald Trump (41.21% and 50.53% respectively).

Furthermore, the average amount invested in crypto by those who voted for Donald Trump was $3,582. The ones who voted for Clinton had on average spent $2,556 on cryptocurrency.

Political Crypto Trend Expected to Continue

One of Clovr’s project manager, Kip Wright, said that we can expect the trends shown in the survey to continue during the incoming 2020 presidential elections. “Andrew Yang has been vocal about wanting to bring in a national framework on cryptocurrencies. This certainly bodes well for the progressive trendline”.

The results of the survey come with a bit of a surprise since it was expected that more voter who own cryptocurrency had voted for Donald Trump, considering that digital currency is becoming an increasingly popular commodity in the free market world and more people are vying to create a value-added product out of digital currency.

In this regard and as the political party that emphasizes more the free market, Trump’s Republican Party has more to offer to crypto voters. However, as has been mentioned, more crypto owners sided with Hillary Clinton for some reason.

A total of 864 individuals from Amazon Mechanical Turk participated in a survey which sought to assess the voting habits of digital currency owners. 70 percent of the participants were male whereas 29.5 percent were female. The criteria for participating in the survey was that each participant should have invested in digital currencies at least once in their lifetime.

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