TRON CEO Justin Sun Donates to Greta Thunberg’s Fight $1M in Crypto

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Having heard the cry of the young climate change activist Greta Thunberg, the Chief Executive Officer of TRON Justin Sun has responded to the wake up call by donating one million US dollars in crypto to help saving the planet.

In a tweet directed to the young activist, Justin Sun says:

He applauded the young activist for standing up for the planet and vowed to join her fight by donating the sum of $1 million USD in cryptocurrency.

The crypto multi-millionaire strongly believes cryptocurrencies will help reduce carbon footprint drastically. In his opinion, performing transactions via crypto can greatly decrease the harmful effect of our current practices. For starters, crypto transactions are typically done over the internet; this, according to him, is one of the strongest weapons in our arsenal as we fight to save the environment.

Countering his remarks, some crypto critics were quick to point out that crypto is, in fact, one of the catalyzers of climate change. Stressing their point, they stated that while crypto transactions help cutting back on our carbon footprint, the process of mining these virtual currencies requires a ridiculous amount of electricity, and thus increasing the pressure on our environment with additional pollution. With our current ‘dirty’ energy, is spending such an amount of energy on crypto mining really worth it? Is the whole effort not counterproductive?

Greta Reaches People from Many Fields (Including Crypto)

The internet went wild earlier in August when a 16 year old girl called out governments for their nonchalant attitude towards protecting the environment.

Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, left a mark in the sand of time when she organized a school strike outside of the Swedish parliament, calling out various authorities for the lack of progress being made in their plan to prevent climate change.

The planet we have come to love and call home is in danger and it seems like we are all waiting for the worst to come before taking any step. “How dare you?” The action, which gained her millions of followers on social media platforms, was the wake up call many people needed. And TRON’s boss happens to be one of these people.

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