AllStocks Network to Release its Exchange Platform Prototype V2 (Press Release)

The Israeli fintech company, AllStocks Network, has announced that in the next few weeks it will release its new prototype demo of the company’s stock exchange platform, titled “AllStocks Prototype V2.”

“We’re very proud of our rapid progress,” said AllStocks CEO, Elad Aharon. “Our developers are working extremely hard to improve and enhance the capabilities of our system, and they even managed to surpass our original expectations. Our Prototype V2 was only supposed to be released at the beginning of July, but now we’re planning to get it out to the public in a mere few weeks time.”

The first version of the Prototype was launched a couple of weeks ago, and gained popularity as visitors and potential investors could gain a first glimpse at the company’s exchange platform, which incorporates traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds alongside cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum – a much anticipated functionality within the crypto-community. The Prototype V2 will already exhibit an integration with the Ethereum Blockchain network and how the company’s backed-tokens can be traded outside of the platform.

“The implementation of the Ethereum Blockchain network,” Mr. Aharon added, “is one of the most exciting features of our platform. It is the embodiment of our vision to consolidate between the conventional markets and the rising crypto-market, and we believe that it can genuinely change the way people today are trading the global markets.”

The AllStocks Network has recently started its initial coin offering (ICO), which will last until June 30th. The company aims to raise capital in order to expand its team of developers, research, better infrastructure, and the implementation of new technologies.

For more details about the AllStocks Network, please visit company’s website.

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