AllStocks Releases the Prototype V2 of its Blockchain-Based Exchange Platform (Press Release)

The FinTech startup company, AllStocks, officially announced that it has released the second version of its prototype (V2) that harnesses the unique capabilities of the Ethereum and Blockchain technologies. The original release date had initially been set for July, yet the company’s development team managed to finish its development earlier than planned.

“Our team is constantly working to improve our system,” says AllStocks CTO, Oren Nataf. “We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made with the Prototype V2. We’ve established the connection of our exchange platform with Blockchain, which will enable us to issue backed-tokens for essentially any conventional financial asset. In addition, we’ve finalized our integration with the NASDAQ – the second-largest exchange in the world.”

AllStocks – which is in the midst of its initial coin offering (ICO) – aims to build a Blockchain-based exchange platform that will incorporate in one place all the traditional tradable commodities such as stocks and bonds from all major global markets, next to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The ambitious goal of the company already attracted the attention of known figures from the financial and crypto world, with whom the company is currently in talks regarding long-term partnerships.

The next stage for the development of AllStocks’ exchange platform seems to focus on user experience. “We have several more upgrades we want to integrate into the platform,” Mr. Nataf adds. “Very soon we will present new features and enhancements that are designated to improve the system’s interface and functionalities. It will probably be one of the last significant updates to the prototype to push us ahead towards our final product, which is already in a way better and advanced state than we had anticipated. We’re extremely optimistic and thrilled about our platform.”

The company’s initial coin offering is already underway and is set to raise capital from investors in order to recruit more engineers, developers and build cutting-edge infrastructures for the system. AllStocks is scheduled to launch its exchange platform to the general public by the end of the year.

To access the Prototype V2 and for more information about AllStocks, please visit the company’s website.

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