Rolls Out an Improved Version of EOSIO for Developers Presentation

Popularly known for its industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility with its EOS (EOS)trade cryptocurrency, has again broken its record by debuting a better version of its EOSIO 1.0 protocol.

The firm asserts that the new protocol, simply dubbed EOSIO 2, was built with developers in mind and we have no doubt about that as the protocol comes equipped with different developer tools to make life easier and better for developers.

The goal, according to the company, is to “make it faster, simpler, and more secure to build on EOSIO.” The need for speed and flexibility has always been at the heart of the company. This is why they are constantly working to improve the speed at which blockchain can execute smart contracts.

Among the developer tools recently launched include the EOS VM, EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE, WebaUTHN Support, and Weighted Threshold Multi-Signature Block Production Support.

EOS VM is designed to perform the basic functions of WebAssembly (WASM) and even more. “… we outgrew existing general purpose WASM engines and knew we could do more,” the company states. The new Blockchain WASM engine consists of three powerful units, and is expected to run the EOS Mechanics WASM CPU benchmark up to 16 times faster than Binaryen. With the EOS VM Just in Time (JIT), EOS VM Optimized Compiler and EOS VM Interpreter, the new protocol promises extremely fast execution and a significant improvement to the network code.

Another notable tool in the recent launch is the EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE, which was expertly crafted to help beginners navigate their way through the complex world of developing in no time. This developer tool promises to take just about any newbie from the ground level to a ready-to-build stage without any hassle.

Among other outstanding functions it performs include making it so much easier for developers to get started, share, and collaborate in any EOSIO project. Furthermore, it takes away the drawbacks of the current protocol in terms of setting up a development environment.

With this improved tool running in the cloud, developers can set up a smart contract and web app development environment together with a fully integrated single-node personal testnet without breaking a sweat.

In addition to the aforementioned developer tools, also launched WebAuthn Support for EOSIO, which is designed to allow developers to use a hardware device for authenticating and signing transactions in a browser without necessarily involving other extensions or software.

It has recently been a busy period for The company has established new HQ offices in Washington D.C., and was also slapped with a jarring $24 million fine for running an unlicensed initial coin offering (ICO).

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