DMG Blockchain Announces New Big Client While Ending Partnership with Bitmain

Blockchain Technology Deal

The Canada-based blockchain and crypto company, DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (formerly known as Aim Explorations Ltd.) has announced the addition of another major client, but also the termination of the partnership with the world’s largest crypto mining chip maker, Bitmain.

Filled with joy for the new big partnership formed and also sour about the end of the collaboration with Bitmain, DMG released a press release to share the good news with its clients and the general public.

According to the press release, DMG reportedly received 1,000 new miners orders from an unnamed big client via its ex-partner, Bitmain Technologies Ltd. DMG is known for managing, operating and developing end-to-end solutions to monetize the global blockchain community. Partnership with a big US-based client is definitely a big deal worth celebrating. And the DMG team is pumped to see the impact of this partnership while also looking forward to more big projects this year.

In the announcement, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sheldon Bennett, is cited saying:

“We are excited to begin working with this new client and are confident that they will be one of many we add during 2020. DMG made a decision to focus on attracting large scale hosting clients as profitable crypto-mining is a function of creating cost efficiencies, and our mining facility is well suited for industrial miners.”

Furthermore, the firm already announced the completion of the installation project. Shipped in late December, DMG has stated that the miners shipped to its Christina Lake facility have been completely installed and that they are now fully operational. The entire 1,000 miners are expected to consume about 1.5 megawatts of power.

Bitmain And DMG Part Ways

Although Bitmain is no longer in bed with the Canada-based blockchain and crypto management company DMG, it still remains one of the biggest suppliers of crypto mining chips. The renowned chip maker reportedly terminated its partnership with the Canada-based crypto assets management firm.

You will recall that both firms joined forces last year to further bolster the crypto mining industry. Acting in its capacity, DMG managed, operated, and developed one of Bitmain’s mining facilities located in Texas, USA. The firm reportedly installed up to 15,000 next generation cryptocurrency miners during the partnership. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

The crypto chip making giant is yet to resume activities on the named facility. Consequently, terminating the partnership is of course a no-brainer. Notwithstanding, both parties are yet exploring other concrete means of boosting the crypto mining industry and the crypto ecosystem in general.

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