IBM Fosters New Partnership with Lenovo to Promote Customer Care via Blockchain

There is no doubt that a sound customer service system is key to sustaining a healthy customer base. Customers want to feel safe with you, they want to know that they can always trust you to provide answers when in trouble. Poor customer service can cost companies millions of dollars due to the inability to retain customers.

This why businesses spend hugely on customer service each year. A recent research conducted by IBM’s research team showed that businesses spend over $1 trillion (yes, trillion!) on customer service calls each year. To make things even harder, customer service demands today have evolved to a level that requires seamless integration of various networks. Customer service is expected to deliver round-the-clock connection with a high level speed and accessibility.

To this end, Lenovo Data center has signed a new partnership with IBM. Building on their long-standing relationship, as the IBM-Lenovo partnership is expected to help grow Lenovo customer base.

As one of the biggest providers of blockchain solutions, IBM boasts providing blockchain-powered field service solutions to millions of people in over 200 countries across the globe.

By employing IBM blockchain expertise, this partnership is proposed to take Lenovo’s customer care up a notch. The IBM’s Virtual Assistant for Technical Support is equipped with the ability to access vital customer information; thus, it will be capable of creating a personalized response system when a customer tries contacting Lenovo’s server, storage, or networking services.

IBM’s Virtual Assistant for Technical Support is designed to ask targeted questions about service issues and obtain possible solutions to remedy the issues. This will go a long way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Lenovo’s customer service.

Besides the Virtual Assistant for Technical Support, the partnership also allows Lenovo to enjoy other blockchain solutions created by the IBM group. To create a seamless, proactive customer experience, IBM will combine services such as blockchain, Client Insight Portal, Augmented Reality together with the Virtual Assistant for Technical Support system.

Commenting on the partnership, the Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo Data Center Group, Laura Laltrello explained that the enterprise today is equipped with lots of new technology solutions that are built to provide unprecedented support to customers. With the partnership, the Lenovo group is looking forward to working closely with IBM to take the next step with their customers by delivering a personalized and seamless experience.

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