The International Chamber of Commerce to Promote Blockchain in Collaboration with Crypto Firm Perlin

The self-proclaimed world’s largest business organization, The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), has recently announced its collaboration with the Singapore-based blockchain firm Perlin to boost blockchain adoption and take full advantage of its next-generation blockchain technology.

Under the leadership of the ICC, its 45 million member businesses across 130 countries will enjoy the benefits of the technology and accelerate mass blockchain adoption by mainstream audiences. In a press release on April 12th Perlin confirmed the partnership and announced the collaboration to help the ICC roll out blockchain-based pilot programs for its vast member base across the globe.

Now a century old, the ICC has 45 million businesses under its wing that include most national chambers of commerce and some of the world’s largest and iconic business giants such as Amazon, Coca Cola, PayPal, FedEx, and McDonald. The collaboration of Perlin and the ICC is the result of the ICC’s 100th anniversary and its vision of moving ahead with technology.

John Denton AO, secretary general of the ICC, commented in the press release about the deal:

“The ICC has always been committed to empowering our members to achieve the highest levels of corporate excellence and continuous innovation. In collaboration with Perlin, which leads the field in blockchain and distributed ledger development, we can help facilitate practical and truly disruptive transformation for businesses across every conceivable industry sector.”

Perlin previously launched various blockchain pilots in a different domain of regional businesses like Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), a viscose rayon producer in Asia. ‘Follow our Fiber,’ a pilot program by Perlin will help ARP and its customer to trace and monitor the important phases of production from planting to delivery over its viscose rayon value chain.

The partnership will result in extensive research that could potentially bring out an assorted of use cases of blockchain in various fields of business. For now, though, the Perlin blockchain platform will be limited to value chain traceability with the aim of creating an efficient, transparent and practical platform that allows business entities and their customers to track products through the different stages of production and delivery.

Both firms believe that increased blockchain adoption will help the business organizations to scale their businesses more effectively and efficiently while navigating through crucial turning points for the growth of all businesses, regardless of their size. Moreover, blockchain adoption by one of the world’s largest business organization will also help inspire other firms to unleash the untapped potential of the next-generation blockchain technology.

Commenting this strategic partnership, the CEO of Perlin Dorjee Sun said:

“The Perlin team has always recognized that meaningful blockchain and distributed ledger tech adoption can only be achieved by building tools that are practical, scalable, cost-effective and add substantial value for businesses of all sizes.”

The partnership will also help Singapore to position itself as a hub for industry innovation and excellence as a number of advancements will take place in regional enterprises.

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