Spain’s Largest Radio Station Under Siege By Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

Bitcoin ransomware

On today’s episode of the deteriorating state of cyberspace, Spain’s largest radio station is believed to be held hostage by some cybercriminals, who demand a €750,000 (about $835,000) in Bitcoin(BTC)trade.

Spaniards and the general public woke up to a rather appalling news on Friday. The news of the ransomware attack on Spain’s largest radio state spread fast across the web.

Although the investigation is yet ongoing, information gathered suggests that the Spanish radio network Cadena SER has been under siege. People familiar with the matter believe the ransomware attack is similar to that of the IT company Everis as Cadena SER is one of its clients, as Everis just got attacked recently as well after an employee reportedly clicked on a link in an email that urged him to sign a petition. So, you won’t be far from the truth if you said the cyber criminal behind the scene is the same as that of Everis.

Like that of Everis, the criminals are requesting the lump sum of $827,000 in the world’s most famous virtual currency, Bitcoin. We are yet to confirm if the radio station is intending to comply with this ridiculous amount or not. However, we do know that all hands are on deck to restore decorum to Spain’s largest radio station.

While efforts are being made to ensure the radio station returns to its former state, SER is taking every precautionary method left. Employees of the radio station have been advised to shut down their computers for now, as the entire computer system is already compromised.

SER released the following statement:

“The SER network has suffered this morning a cyber attack of a computer virus in the form of a ransomware, file encrypter, which has had a serious and widespread affectation on all infected computer systems.”

Well, it seems SER isn’t the only one taking precautionary steps. Another notable client of Everis, Orange – a telecom provider – has reportedly cut off Everis from their network. This was necessary to ensure that the criminals do not gain access to the firm.

Scholars have been able to identify the ransomware that infected Everis. However, there has been no luck uncovering the type of ransomware currently infecting SER’s computer system. But we are positive of some good news soon, as experts are working tirelessly to discard of the virus.

Spain’s Department of Homeland Security confirmed that it is aware of the turn of events and that it is working hard to fish out the bad guys. Also, Spain’s national cybersecurity institute INCIBE swears it is working towards restoring SER’s systems.

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