TRON Invests $100M in Gaming as Part of ‘TRON Arcade’

Games have always been at the forefront of technology adaptation in the entertainment industry. Technologies such as virtual reality and artificial reality have grown exponentially because of mobile, console and computer game players’ interest in the possibilities of these technologies in entertainment. The gaming industry has become one of the largest entertainment industries. One of the highest grossing movies of all time, Avatar, has made $2.8M worldwide; GTA V a video game released in 2013 made $6B and it’s not even the highest grossing video game.

With blockchain being adopted by nearly all industries, the gaming industry is set to be next. TRON is one of the world’s leading public blockchain platforms and the world’s largest decentralized network. TRON has always shown dedication in accelerating the decentralization of the Internet. On November 29, TRON announced that it would establish the blockchain game fund TRON Arcade with up to $100M to be invested over the course of three years.

The main purpose of the fund is to embolden and empower game developers to execute their ideas more freely without having to worry about the funding and introduce new games and content into the autonomous ecosystem. The hopes are that the new technology of blockchain will help drive new gaming experience and lend its powers of immutability, security, and decentralization to this vast industry.

TRON Arcade is the company’s another long-term commitment after it acquired file-sharing giant BitTorrent earlier this year. The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun claims that TRON Arcade will ‘play a crucial role’ in the company’s expanding popularity. “TRON strives to tackle existing issues faced by the gaming industry by leveraging the open, transparent, and immutability of blockchain technology,” he quoted in the press release. He continued, “TRON arcade will play a crucial role in encouraging developers to join in our mission and provide the best blockchain gaming experience to users around the world.” As is the case with most publicity attempts by TRON, they also highlighted the attributes of its network such as its high transaction speed versus those of Ethereum.

TRON has been expanding its reach into multiple industries for a long time now. With their commitments to ventures such as charity, enterprise solutions, consumer internet, social media, and entertainment. They have claimed dedication in building a global, decentralized Internet ecosystem and ushering the world into Web 3.0. Recently, TRON even managed to obtain the participation of NBA legend Kobe Bryant in one of its events.

Founded in September 2017 by Justin Sun, TRON has delivered a series of achievements including Mainnet launch on 2018, network independence on June 2018, and TRON Virtual Machine launch on August 2018. TRON Arcade, the company’s $100M blockchain game-fund is another bold move in that direction.

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