AllStocks Network – December 2018 Update

Hi everyone!

We all here at AllStocks headquarters are working tirelessly to keep developing, advancing and promoting our company’s crypto goals – and we wanted to give you a brief update about our progress so far.

AllStocks operates in two routes: content (crypto news and updates) and our flagship crypto exchange platform. These two departments are designated to harmonize each other; investors who would like to trade with our exchange platform could also obtain the most recent information about the virtual assets of their interest, and readers who would find content on our website interesting could also easily and rapidly buy/sell commodities accordingly.

Our content department has already grown exponentially in the last few months – we have employed great writers and we already provide daily news and updates from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. We plan to expand in this area much more in the foreseeable future with additional staff members whilst also extending our coverage further into other financial fields as well.

As for our crown jewel, our advanced crypto exchange platform, we’ve made enormous strides; in fact, we’ve already fully completed the connections to the major cryptocurrency networks and blockchains:

  • Integration with the Bitcoin network (BTC)
  • Integration with the Ethereum blockchain (ETH)
  • Integration with the RippleNet network (XRP)
  • Integration with the Litecoin network (LTC)
  • Integration with the main ERC-20 tokens via the Ethereum network

Currently, we’re finishing the last few touches of the platform while waiting for several necessary regulatory approvals that are legally required to operate such a sophisticated crypto exchange platform.

Here are a few selected screenshots of our crypto exchange platform:

The Deposit Page
The Withdraw Page
Trading Cryptocurrency

That’s it! We’ll give you another update soon, so stay tuned…

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