TRON’s BitTorrent Speed Aims to Expedite File Sharing via Token Rewards

TRON and BitTorrent

The software company BitTorrent Inc., a subsidiary of one of the largest decentralized peer-to-peer networks across the globe TRON, recently announced the addition of a new ‘member’ to its ‘team’ – BitTorrent Speed. Launched this week, this amazing speedy software is proposed to help scaling up, uploading and downloading of files within the network.

According to the press release, BitTorrent Speed will make it possible for millions of users to gain fast and uninterrupted access to files on the network while being rewarded for activity with the BitTorrent (BTT) token, which was issued and sold out in January, for incentive. With BitTorrent Speed, users can now download and upload large files rapidly without any hassle.

If everything will go by the plan, we can expect to see a very fast system that could allow for downloading several tons of megabytes in a split second. However, the press release states that download optimization via BitTorrent Speed will be varied according to the number of users using the file at the same time and the amount of users who bid with tokens. Also, not only will this new invention make download way much easier and faster, but it is also proposed to help make download readily available.

This is such an amazing development in the BitTorrent and TRON network as the goal has always been to significantly scale up browsing time across the web. The addition of BitTorrent Speed is just another massive step towards creating the largest blockchain-based app for speedy download and upload of files in the world.

The San Francisco-based software company, which was bought by TRON, has successfully placed the last piece of the puzzle in the integration work of both decentralized networks – of BitTorrent and TRON.

This is also amazing news for users on the TRON network as they will have easy access to the newly-launched BitTorrent Speed. You will recall that since November 2018, users of Bitcoin(BTC)trade, Binance (BNB), and TRON (TRX) now enjoy the opportunity of purchasing a yearly subscription of all BitTorrent and uTorrent products. With such an arrangement, it is very possible for crypto users on TRON and the Binance network to enjoy this speedy file sharing app.

Commenting on the launch of BitTorrent Speed, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BitTorrent who also doubles as the CEO and founder of the TRON network, Justin Sun, stated that they expect to get astounding feedback from early users of BitTorrent Speed. And that they look forward to adding more features that will make the BitTorrent protocol so much better for millions of users across the globe.

BitTorrent to the Rescue after TRON’s Crypto Ponzi Scam Debacle?

The launch came at a great time for TRON, that recently infuriated many from its own community due to a crypto Ponzi scam from which the company didn’t make the petty effort to distance itself. This fiasco resulted in protests that ultimately trickled into the company’s offices in Beijing, which followed by a raid of the local police. On top of all that, TRON didn’t take any responsibility whatsoever for the damage, which angered even more the users who had been defrauded.

Perhaps now BitTorrent Speed might shift some of the negative publicity away.

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