Bitcoin Developer: Ethereum to Power 2020’s Most Interesting Crypto Project

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Gavin Andersen, a software developer who gained prominence from having worked for the development of Bitcoin, recently stated that for the past two years, the most interesting things for him were built on Ethereum.

In a tweet posted by the IT expert on January 1st, Andersen elaborates that he found CryptoKitties, a blockchain game that allows users to purchase and maintain virtual pets, as the most interesting project related to cryptocurrency in the year 2018. The tweet further states that Andersen found PoolTogether, a no-loss and audited savings game powered by blockchain technology, as the most interesting crypto project of 2019.

After stating that for the past two years the most interesting projects according to him have been built on the technology of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, which was founded by Vitalik Buterin, he made a prediction that although he is not sure what big crypto project he will find interesting next, he predicts that just like the past two years it will be built on Ethereum too.

Gavin Andersen seems to be confident that Ethereum holds the spot for the best cryptocurrency platform for the development of dApps but other tech and crypto experts seem to disagree, including TRON’s founder and CEO Justin Sun. The tech entrepreneur and founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON, replied to Andersen’s tweet and disagreed by saying that TRON is the number one dApps platform and that he is ready to discuss it with Andersen about building something amazing on TRON.

Which Cryptocurrency Rules the dApps?

Although Andersen has not yet replied to the comment made by Sun under his tweet, earlier yesterday Justin Sun also tweeted a statement claiming that according to, 4 out of 5 dApps on the overall ranking list are developed on the TRON network. Sun additionally added in the same tweet that Newdex was also launched on the TRON platform in September and that the most popular stablecoin Tether (USDT) has also been ushered into TRON’s blockchain network as a TRC20-compliant cryptocurrency.

According to’s overall rating list, the dApps that Sun referred to in his tweet included Wink, Betfury and Poloni DEX. Currently the highest rated app on the platform is DLive, a live streaming platform developed and powered by blockchain technology.

DLive presently is based on the LINO network and is powered by LINO blockchain but according to a recent announcement by Justin Sun, DLive will soon be migrating on to the TRON network too and will be powered through TRON’s blockchain technology.

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