Burger King Venezuela Partners with Dash to Enable Crypto Payment Options

Burger King Venezuela Crypto

Dash has yet again stroked a major partnership deal in Latin America. This time, it has partnered with Cryptobuyer to install crypto point of sale terminals at Burger King food stores. This new deal will allow the customers of Burger King to pay for their order using digital currency.

The Panama-based Cryptobuyer will work to provide a payment solution in crypto that accepts digital currencies like Dash and Bitcoin. This method of instant payment is often deemed as more reliable, inexpensive and faster than traditional methods of payments that use debit and credit card. The latter choice of payment has greater chance of running into an error, and thereby inconveniencing the customers and the stores themselves. However, this is likely to change with cryptocurrencies which facilitate transactions in real-time.

Dash has locked its sights on Latin America as one of its primary targets. Venezuela in particular seems to be an ideal platform where Dash seeks to deploy its cryptocurrency for use. The CEO of Dash, Ryan Taylor, boasted the fact that in recent times, the growth of Dash with respect to consumer usage has been steady at a consistent rate in Venezuela where people value alternative payment solutions and especially crypto.

In the backdrop of hyperinflation, cash shortages and lack of tertiary bank services, the Venezuelan government itself has been encouraging customers to turn towards cryptocurrency for transactions. The country’s state-owned digital currency, Petro, is beginning to be widely adopted by citizens, although it is forced on them by President Maduro’s government. This growth in adoption has ensured that relevant virtual currency infrastructure is in place to facilitate other cryptocurrencies such as Dash and Bitcoin.

The official announcement of the partnership came as Burger King had been undergoing an extensive training program to enable its staff workers to get handy with cryptocurrency. For the past two weeks, the company’s workers have been learning about the basics of digital currency and how these can be used at the point of sale terminals. Meanwhile, Dash and Cryptobuyer work out and implement a crypto-based payment solution.

Dash Establishes a Global Presence

Dash is considered a reputable player in the crypto industry when it comes to payments. The company itself was launched in 2014 and the aim was to design and deploy a cryptocurrency that can constitute as an alternative transaction method which is secure and reliable.

Fast forward to the present, more than 4,000 merchants now accept Dash. Almost half of these merchants operate in Venezuela. Additionally, customers can access their Dash digital currency at more than 400 crypto ATMs and 120+ cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

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