Google June 2019 Core Search Update Cripples Major Crypto News Site CCN (and Others)

Crypto News Site CCN Wins Award

Google, indisputably the most popular search engine around, recently rolled out a couple of updates termed the June 2019 Core Update. The news hit the internet on the 2nd of June and the process took effect barely 24 hours after. While this is not the first, nor will it be the last, Google search update, the June 2019 Core Update has a devastating effect on a number of news outlets, including major crypto news outlets such as CCN.

CCN reported that it has sustained a huge loss, losing over 71% of its traffic in less than 24 hours. In a blog post, the crypto news outlet cried out on the devastating effect the update had on it and others. The founder, Jonas Borchgrevink, stated in the post that their stories no longer appear on the number one search engine worldwide, Google. This a huge blow that may be too hard to return from; therefore, Borchgrevink asserted that they are folding up for good.

Borchgrevink expressed great sadness over the turn of events, stating how far they have come without external help and how many people are being sent packing due to the update. To make matters worse, he added that no concrete reason has been given for this drastic sudden occurrence.

According to the post, the team at CCN has written to Google experts, asking for an explanation at least. However, Google experts are yet to pinpoint the exact cause of the damage caused and the theories given are not entirely accurate according to Borchgrevink.

Besides CCN, notable names in the blockchain news sector like CoinDesk and Cointelegraph were also affected. Data from Sistrix, an SEO company, shows that CoinDesk lost about 34.6% of traffic in the recent update, while Cointelegraph lost up to 21.1%. These figures, important to say, are only an assessment and are not confirmed.

What could be the cause of the damage incurred? Why didn’t these sites get a warning if they are/were doing something wrong? How could a simple search algorithm update cripple multiple sites? Is Google really transparent? These are some of the questions Borchgrevink and other affected site owners and operators would like an answer to.

Is this an Anti-Crypto Crackdown by Google?

One could say this is a crypto crackdown by Google, but stats show that some non-crypto sites were also affected by the update. And a number of crypto websites, including AllStocks Crypto News, gained some momentum after the update. Therefore, the theory of a crypto witch hunt may not be entirely true.

As mentioned above, it seems the pain of some sites is the gain of others, because while sites such as CCN, Cointelegraph, Dailymail, CoinDesk, etc., are wailing over substantial traffic lose, others such as the Mirror, the Sun, the Huffington Post, and ours have gained some significant percentage of traffic after the update. Therefore, the question remains, ‘what went wrong?’ Could this be avoided? Did the sites do anything wrong? Until some explanation is given, we would only cling to theories of possible cause postulated by experts.

Notwithstanding, CCN has decided to move on from the wreak. The founder stated in its blog post that from now going forward, they would continue their usual practice in the media platform HVY Journalists.

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