Married Singaporean Man Confessed to Hiring a Bitcoin Hitman to Kill his Ex’s Boyfriend

Bitcoin Hitman Holds a Gun

In Singapore, a married man hired a professional killer on the dark web to kill his former girlfriend’s new lover in a planned car accident. As reported by Yahoo News Singapore, the 47-year-old Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng hired a hitman on the dark web and paid him with Bitcoin.

The deal took place on a website known as “Camorra Hitmen.” However, the hitman couldn’t finish the illicit job as a journalist from the American television network CBS sent a secret warning to the state’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Hui, a married man with a daughter, has already confessed to the crime and “pleaded guilty to one count of abetting murder by instigation in the State Courts on Wednesday (17 July),” as reported by Yahoo News.

Digging deep into the story, Hui, a risk management executive, and his lover, a 30-year-old Malaysian woman, were colleagues in the same company. They started dating on April 22, 2016. She knew that Hui was married but he made her believe that he is leaving his wife soon and therefore she continued with the affair. While he left the company at the end of 2016, the couple still maintained their secret affair after that. In April 2017, they made a decision to rent an apartment together and share the costs. The woman consequently rented an apartment, yet Hui never actually moved in with her. In October 2017 she came to know that Hui had no intentions of leaving his wife, and then she started to detach herself from him.

She finally decided to end the romantic relationship for good in February 2018; however, she still decided to remain on speaking terms with Hui. He continued to spend expensive gifts on his lover, still payed his part of the rent and even added her name as a beneficiary to his Central Provident Fund account and life insurance policy.

The, the real twist in the plot was ignited when she started a new job in a different company and started dating a 30-year-old man named Tan in April 2018. Shortly thereafter, Hui found out that she had moved on and begun seeing another man, and he started stalking her out of jealousy; he also discovered a picture of her boyfriend from Instagram. Hui considered the new guy a bitter enemy, which made him search for a professional killer on the dark web.

On April 28th when his former lover went out on a date with her new boyfriend, Hui asked her to get back to the apartment alone within 15 minutes or else he would kill him. She ignored Hui. Later, Hui stalked her until early in the morning and left only after finding out that she was at home.

Bitcoin to Cut Off Hands, Acid Attach, Staged Car Accident

Upon finally comprehending that his ex-lover is in a relationship with someone else, he visited the hitman’s website (Camorra Hitmen) and gave him information and instructions; during the final stage of the shady deal, he transferred $600 in Bitcoin to the the hitman’s account, just to prove that he could pay in crypto.

Hui’s instructions to the hitman to cut off Tan’s hand didn’t work so well. Hui later came with Tan’s picture and his car’s number plate and transferred additional $3,000 worth of Bitcoin. He then instructed the hitman to kill him in a staged car accident instead of an acid attack which could be easily identified. The killer asked for an addition of $5,000 in Bitcoin to wipe Tan away from the face of the earth. The figure was way too high for Hui and somehow, they settled for $2,000 worth of Bitcoin to hurt Tan so badly that he would never be able to move again.

Hui changed his mind again and transferred another $1,000 in Bitcoin to murder Tan in a serious car accident. And lastly, he transferred another $1,500 worth of Bitcoin as a final instruction to the hitman to kill him on May 22, between 7 pm to 8 pm.

Fortunately, the CBS journalist found out what was going on there 10 days before the assassination was scheduled to take place, and informed the details of the dire situation to the MFA, which in turn alerted the Singapore Police Force that got Hui arrested seven days before the accident was planned. For this botched assassination, Hui could be sent to jail for seven years and pay a hefty fine.

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